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Luxury Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup by Metamorfose Marrakech

For Marrakech’s beauty connoisseurs who seek excellence: Metamorfose Marrakech introduces its exclusive high-end permanent makeup (PMU) service. Elevate your everyday look with subtle art that continuously enhances your natural beauty.

We offer a variety of services to frame your face and take your natural features to a new level. Enjoy our microblading and microshading services for the ultimate flawless brow.

Rediscover your look with the magic of subtle art that helps you let your natural beauty shine. Let us take you on a journey to a more beautiful you.


Normal microblading entails a semi-permanent tattooing technique, creating hair-like strokes on eyebrows for a fuller, defined look with benefits of natural beauty and reduced makeup.

Microblading Touch-Up

During a microblading touch-up, the existing semi-permanent pigment is refreshed and enhanced. This process helps maintain the desired appearance and ensures long-lasting results for well-defined brows.

About microblading

Brow microblading is a semi-permanent permanent makeup technique which enhances the appearance of eyebrows. The process starts with our specialist creating the desired eyebrow shape based on the clients wishes and face shape to enhance the natural look and beauty of the face. Before starting with the microblading, numbing cream is applied in the eyebrow area, so there won’t be any discomfort or pain. After this, thin, hair-like strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hairs are created and carefully, the pigment will be deposited into the superficial layers of the skin, following the natural direction of the hair growth. 

The result of this permanent makeup technique is a natural-looking enhancement of the eyebrows that can last up to 1-3 years with proper care and maintenance. At any desired time, touch-ups can be applied in case of fading or wishes of a bolder look. 

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Timeless Elegance, Perfectly Natural by Metamorfose Marrakech

At Metamorfose Marrakech, we acknowledge the high expectations of our luxury clientele. That’s why we exclusively offer treatments of exceptional finesse and delicacy, executed by the skilled hands of our artists dedicated to the art of beauty. Indulge in beauty excellence. Schedule an appointment today with Metamorfose Marrakech and immerse yourself in a world of refinement and luxury.