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Luxurious Hair Straightening

The Tanino Treatment - hair straightening by Metamorfose Marrakech

Beyond its stunning visual effect, the Tanino Treatment deeply nourishes, protects, and revitalizes every strand of your hair. Enriched with natural ingredients, it provides a rejuvenating therapy for your locks, granting them strength, resilience, and vibrant health. At Metamorfose Marrakech, each appointment offers a unique beauty experience. Our expert hair professionals blend the perfect harmony of science to transform your hair into a true masterpiece of beauty.

Myriam K Treatment - A Smoothing Revolution

The secret of this treatment lies in its unique approach: unlike traditional straightening, it preserves a touch of natural waves, providing hair that is sleek and with natural movement.

Tanino Treatment Myriam K - long & short hair

The Myriam K treatment is ideal for short and long hair. This exceptionally fine treatment enhances your locks into your desired looks. Expertly treated to capture and reflect light, it maintains gentle, graceful waves, encapsulating both charm and femininity.

Myriam K hair straightening by Metamorfose Marrakech

In the world of hair beauty, Myriam K’s hair smoothing is well-known. Metamorfose Marrakech, known for its elegance, is pleased to introduce the Myriam K Tanino Treatment, a top choice for hair straightening for our valued clients.

Discover the extraordinary transformation that awaits you—an elegant fusion of luxury, tangible results, and cutting-edge innovation. Reserve your Tanino Treatment Myriam K session at Metamorfose Marrakech for an exclusive, unrivalled hair indulgence.