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Manicure salon for your nails in Marrakech

Our expert beauticians specialize in the latest manicure techniques to give you soft, elegant, and delicate hands. With our attention to subtle details and the ideal gestures of our professional manicure experts, you can indulge in a luxurious cocooning interlude. Treat yourself to not just one, but three times the perfection with our manicure services. Trust us to give you the flawless look you’ve been dreaming of!


By Metamorfose Marrakech

Indulge in a stunning manicure for head-turning nails! Choose between the classic precision manicure for extra-thin nails or a regular manicure for a polished look. Gel polish will give you high-shine, long-lasting color, while regular nail polish offers a quick and easy way to switch up your look.

Treat yourself to some pampering and show off your beautiful nails!

Gel nails

By Metamorfose Marrakech

Transform your look with a captivating new set of acrylics! Add a touch of timeless glamour with the irresistible combination of a new set and long-lasting gel polish.

Love the classic look? Our sophisticated French Gel offers a refined aesthetic, perfect for any occasion.

Keep your nails looking flawless for weeks with our convenient fill-up sessions, including a fresh coat of gel polish to maintain that perfect shine.

Natural nail treatment Biab

By Metamorfose Marrakech

Strengthen and beautify your natural nails with our exclusive Biab treatment! This nourishing formula promotes healthy nail growth while providing a subtle, long-lasting shine.

Want a touch of color? We offer Biab with gel polish, allowing you to customize your look.

Short on time? Our quick pick-up Biab service is perfect for busy lifestyles, keeping your nails looking flawless with minimal effort.

Natural biab nails metamorfose
Acrylic nails in Marrakech

Acrylic nails

By Metamorfose Marrakech

Ready for a nail transformation? Metamorfose Marrakech can help you redefine your style and elevate your look with stunning acrylic nails.

Embrace long-lasting shine with the perfect combination of a new set of acrylics and a gel polish application. This dynamic duo delivers a glossy, chip-resistant finish that will turn heads for weeks. Keep your masterpiece looking flawless with our seamless fill-up sessions, ensuring your nails stay strong, beautiful, and perfectly shaped.

Nail art

By Metamorfose Marrakech

Make your nails shine bright! Dazzle everyone with diamonds, crystals, stickers & foils. Each nail becomes a work of art with these sparkly extras. Love the look of changing colors? Our ombré effect blends beautiful shades together for a mesmerizing look.

Nail art Metamorfose Marrakech